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Week-1 at Pardubice

Pardubice, Juli 21, 2018.

Six days we are in Pardubice city. There are a lot of experience and journey with my best colleague, Adib Pratama.
After finished from campus activity, we try to look for halal food at the center of pardubice. There is the most famous mall at pardubice, Atrium Palace Pardibice. like in Indonesia. Not too different.

About, five minutes from the Atrium, we walking  for obtaining halal food.  I found Kebab House close to Atrium and i ask to the seller is the Kebab halal or not ? Fortunately, he said to us that the kebab is can’t be eat for us. He refers us to the other kebab halal restaurant. Alhamdulillah, we found it and we get the big porsion of Kebab.


My Journey To Pardubice

On Sunday, Juli 15 2018 we take off from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Prague-Ruzyne International Airport. Our aircraft transit at instanbul for about two hours. Overall, our journey take about seventeen hours. Me and My Colleague (Adib Pratama) , are student exchange from Universitas Indonesia to Universita Pardubice (https://www.upce.cz/) .

We arrive at Prague-Ruzyne International Airport at 09.00 am on Juli 16. To go to Pardubice, we have to get an Airport Express Bus and to main rail station and then get a train from the main rail station to Pardubice. The  trip using Airport Express takes about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the train takes 1 hour from main station to Pardubice. As long as our journey, the scenery are full with field. its remember me with may hometown in Indramayu, Indonesia. Same like this.

Universita Pardubice  located at the center of Pardubice. Here is the Map of Pardubice:

On Tuesday, Juli 17 Dr. Jan Pidanic engaged us to introduce the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (https://fei.upce.cz/). Dr jan Pidanic is Head of Department of Electrical Engineering. He Introduce us  walk around the Building. One by one he explain the room, lab in the Faculty. There are five Department in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. There are:

Today I will go to the campus. Bye.
To be continue…..

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