Jan 212020

            It can be difficult to maintain a work/life balance when you work remotely or as a freelancer. This is especially true for anyone that works oversees or at odd times that don’t always correspond with traditional office hours. Below are a few tips on how to better manage your time as a freelancer so that you aren’t overwhelmed with your workload and can still stay productive.

Plan Ahead

            The best way to stay on top of all your work is to plan your tasks and dedicated hours ahead of time rather than winging it last minute. Know when you have other plans or projects so that you can properly shift your time around if necessary. Freelance work can be unpredictable, but at the same time you are afforded much more freedom with your schedule so take advantage of it and invest in a detailed agenda or calendar software that can help you. It’s important to constantly stay aware of what you have coming up so you can avoid any lost time or time spent unwisely when you could be dedicating it to work. Know the hours that work best for you and and stick to them so that your daily routine has some structure without being too overwhelming.

Take Your Documents Everywhere

One of the most difficult things of working remotely or constantly on the go is the fact that not everything can go with you. But when it comes to work, you should have access to your documents at all times without the fear of them being stolen, lost, damaged, or accessed by the wrong third parties. Whether its your personal information or that of your clients’, it’s important to have complete control over who sees it and when. A virtual data room software is the perfect platform to keep all this information safe while still being able to access it whenever you need to and wherever you are around the world. With complex permission settings and security features you can rest assured that no one other than those intended can view the information or collaborate within the data room. Take back control of your cyber security and take your documents along with you wherever you are so that you can stay on top of your work at all times.  

Get Comfortable With Saying ‘No’

            Saying ‘no’ is difficult, especially when it comes to work or your personal life. However, in order to manage your time properly you will need to accept the fact that you can’t do everything. There are some projects that will be too time consuming and some clients that won’t make it easy to work with them. You’ll need to figure out where you draw the line and stand your ground so that you can avoid the stress and late nights that come along with stretching yourself thin. This also applies to personal relationships and knowing when your time is better spent on work rather than social activities. Your friends and family will accept your work ethic when you become comfortable telling them that you need to focus on what really needs your attention.

Know When To Have Fun

            A work-only mentality might be fruitful short term, but after a while you will notice your mental and physical health declining if you don’t let yourself have any fun. Find a hobby you enjoy and allow yourself to become immersed in it as a way to escape from the stress of work. It could be a social or singular hobby, as long as it helps you feel better, you will notice that your work will improve once you give your mind some time off. It is also important to not neglect your body because it will also begin to affect your productivity after a while. Schedule some time in your day for a quick workout or even just some time to explore nature undisturbed by your work. It’ll be twice as hard to manage your time effectively if your physical health is declining and not allowing you the freedom it once did to work from anywhere at any time. Invest in yourself just as much as you invest in your work and you will notice the overall improvement in your life.

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