Mar 012019

The growth of digital platforms has created a surge in new career options for individuals looking to break out of traditional job environments and expectations. With online tools you are now able to take your work with you on the road, stay in contact with co-workers whenever necessary, and even dabble in a variety of roles all from the comfort of your home and behind the screen of your laptop. It’s undeniable that digital tools have transformed the way we think about work and what it means to be efficient, but this article will look into a few positions that have been developed in response to the freedom the internet provides in a variety of industries.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are a great opportunity that requires access to a variety of online tools and a steady internet connection. Unlike its predecessor, the physical assistant, you don’t have to be sat in an office all day in order to be in close proximity to your boss. They can contact you whenever necessary through Email or Skype so that you can work comfortably from home while still available to assist when necessary.

From basic data entry to scheduling and even bookkeeping, your role is vital to the success of those who hire your services, which makes the digital tools you use indispensable, such as a secure virtual data room to manage finances in an organized manner during large projects that require additional help. Gone are the days when you need to be physically present in order to make a living and be helpful to a team of hundreds of people

Digital Nomad

Digital nomadism is a broad term for someone who decides to take their freelance work with them as they travel. While this isn’t a specific role that has been created due to digital tools, it is a certain type of lifestyle that previously would have been very difficult or even impossible to maintain. The desire to explore the world while still earning a living doing a meaningful job isn’t too much to ask for and the internet has helped thousands of people begin the digital nomad journey by allowing them to stay in communication with their employers from anywhere around the world so that they don’t have to choose between a solid income and a bit of adventure in their everyday lives. Rather than being forced to work out of an office space day in and day out, digital nomads are showing that meaningful and efficient work can be done in a non-traditional way so that everyone involved is left happy.

Online Tutor

            There has always been the need for additional help in students’ education, but with the internet it has become even easier to find this help from anywhere around the world and at any time. Those interested in becoming online instructors can schedule sessions online through video chat with students located in a variety of countries. If you are looking for a tutor in a different language, what better way to learn it than from someone who lives in that country rather than a local tutoring agency that you physically have to go to? The options are endless when it comes to education and digital tools have made it even easier to gain all the knowledge you need with as little hassle as possible.

Remote Marketing

Any small business owner knows the importance of marketing when it comes to building their brand, but they don’t always have the time or resources to work on it. The ability to find and work with freelancers from anywhere in the world has made a drastic impact on how companies are outsourcing their marketing strategies, from managing social media to regularly writing for their website and maintaining a relationship with their client base.

Copywriters or social media managers can take to the internet to look for new clients that require services in all types of industries rather than being tethered to one company in a specific location. This allows them to broaden their experience as well as offer the flexibility necessary to take on as many projects as they can so that they are in control of their income and the companies they work with.



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