Kitchen the Delicious Living Room

One of the first things a new homeowner likes to do is update the kitchen in their home, and get rid of the old look that the previous owners had installed. A new simplistic, but eye popping addition is a kitchen tap. Depending where you are from they are also called kitchen faucets or water spigots. The emerging designs are clean, but attract attention from the minimalist design. A kitchen mixer tap is the most popular by far, and the reason is that it quickly mixes hot and cold water to give you the temperature you want or need.

Kitchen Tap

Franke kitchen taps have become the standard in this niche industry and they, and this company from Switzerland is constantly producing new products that are leading the kitchen industry. Mostly popular in the UK, Franke products are making their way to mainstream American consumers too. Some of their new models are: The Basil, Eos, Panto, and Rolux. The sleek designs combine with their high tech sinks will brink a crisp look and feel to your kitchen, and will last for years to come. This may be a good time to just rip out your old sink, and counter tops for a kitchen facelift that is probably well overdue.

Going to your nearest home improvement store will give you plenty of ideas on which tap to install in your home renovation. There single and double controlled taps, and the spigot will vary in height. If you wash large deep pots and pans, then a high arched tap will be your best selection. Some faucet heads even detach to allow you to have oversized items in the sink. It might be best to consult with a professional on combinations of counter worktops, sink, and tap selection to make everything visually appealing and not look out of place.

The kitchen is usually the family’s gathering or focal point in a home, and it should be warm and inviting. In addition, if you entertain friends regularly an appealing look will help them feel relaxed and want to come back repeatedly. It might be wise to buy an hour’s time from a kitchen designer in your area to get a shopping list together of what color schemes and equipment go together, and the referral of a few kitchen craftsmen that can bring your kitchen remodel project in on time, and budget. You just wanted to change the tap out on your new home, now you have a new kitchen!

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