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Jadwal UAS Semester 3

Jadwal UAS Semester 3

Berikut adalah jadwal UAS Semester 3: 10 Desember: Penerapan Asas-asas Pidana 11 Desember: Hukum Kewarisan Adat 12 Desember: Sosiologi Hukum...

A little about me

Personal Abstraction

“Life is a short roller coaster full of rail switches that leads you to life, or death.”

An aspiring writer, future public defendant, privacy rights activist, a proud centrist and pro-family and a loving partner to a yet still unknown entity. Started practicing my writing skills since it had become numb ever since the beginning of my college year. The content of this blog are mostly random “philosophical” suppressed ideas and opinions, and also a handful of academic stuff I felt important to temporarily post. Feel free to look around, make yourself at your own blog.

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