13 November 2015 - changelog

There were 200.000+ tables on Blog Mahasiswa UI databases and all of those became useless. All of the data from 2006 to date were gone. We have tried to salvage all but bore no fruition. We even tried ibdconnect voodoo magic and failed after weeks of waiting.

The last backup that could be restored was from 2010 and it was still on domain. That was the time of the advent of bots. Many blogs were filled with spam comments.

The blog used MyISAM format for its MySQL table. There were three files for each table.

Long story short, there is no incentive to restore an 5 years old backup. Nobody from that time era still using Blog Mahasiswa UI. We are also tempted to fix this broken infrastructure once and for all. So, yeah, we start anew again this day onwards.

What’s These Dumb Admins  Has to Offer?

We learned from our mistakes.

Database Farm

There are two ticking bomb in WordPress Multisite database implementation:

  1. One database for all.
  2. WPDB still uses the deprecated mysql_connect function.

The original implementation was using one database. We have tried with big InnoDB file and wasted so many memory. The system couldn’t even handled that one big file. The last implementation was using InnoDB file-per-table. This also getting limitation from the filesystem. There is a limitation on how many files a directory/folder could hold.

Wordpress served from many databases.

WordPress served from many databases.

With SharDB, we are now managed to patch our WordPress engine using more than one database. We are now using a farm of databases instead of using one database like other WordPress installation. We shard the database using hash algorithm so that each individual blog would occupy one of the databases.

There is also another ticking bomb we need to address in the near future. We need to ensure that Blog Mahasiswa UI also future-proof. We need to remove or at least search patches around the interweb for changing mysql_connect to mysqli_connect or even PDO.

Personally, I prefer PDO. With PDO, WordPress could use other database product like PostgreSQL or even Oracle Enterprise Database.


There were 100+ themes on Blog Mahasiswa UI. Amateur study shows that new users not even bother to check out those themes. Most of them ‘love’ default theme.

Instead of moving old themes back to the new Blog Mahasiswa UI, I decided to install few selected themes for special occasion.

Simply Read is chosen as default theme. It has an optional plugin that could be activated. Users might learn from it. Default frontpage is using Featured Image. Users might learn to put Featured Image for each of their post.

Lastly, we stripped the pro themes. They came with lots of customization which made a steep learning curve. We also need to manually update those from online store. So, in the mean time, those got disabled. We will add them later in the future, though.


We also needs to check plugins because of our customized WordPress installation. Each plugin must be tested first for our installation. Here are those that already passed:

I suggest for you to use third party commenting system. They are more reliable than the native comment system.


Again, sorry for the inconvenience. If you got a blog from early 2010 and needs to be restored, please shout out at the comment.

If you are willing to try Blog Mahasiswa UI again, we thank you. We hope not falling into the same mistake.