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Update, Fix LDAP
The move to PHP7.2 has taken its toll! Everyone that wasn’t login yet must use LDAP login. Sorry! Btw, it’s all been fix now. I wonder why not [...]
Lazy Admin Update is not Lazy
Oh, boy, just found that my last update was last year. This site is still maintained though. Here’s the change done: Upgraded server to Debian [...]
It’s A New Year
It’s a new year and a good look. Renew SSL certificate from a  RapidSSL to Let’s Encrypt. Hey, we should make this site a bit secure! Upgrade [...]
Push That Secure Content
On all sites, Blog Mahasiswa always comes up with unsecure HTTPS. We are trying our best for making the site secure. Blog Mahasiswa already got its own SSL [...]
Splat That Stupid Bug
Obviously we are lacking what it takes to be a good sysadmins. At least we tried our best. Sorry for the inconvenience. As a report, here are the changes: [...]
There were 200.000+ tables on Blog Mahasiswa UI databases and all of those became useless. All of the data from 2006 to date were gone. We have tried to [...]