Definition, Impact, and Importance of a SWOT Analysis in Running a Business - In entrepreneurial activities, there are a lot of things that must be learned and carried out for smooth entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur must also be required to be able to analyze in any way, such as researching the target market, determining the selling price, to seeing competitors.

To facilitate these various analyzes, we need a SWOT analysis in running a business. Then what is SWOT analysis? Is it important? And what is the impact if you use the SWOT analysis? We'll cover all of that here!

So the SWOT analysis is a method for knowing the advantages and disadvantages and knowing the opportunities and threats in a business. Of course with this SWOT analysis it is necessary to re-evaluate the running of a business.

Strength (Strength), Weakness (Weakness), Opportunity (Opportunity), and Threat (Treat), it is an abbreviation of the word SWOT.

When examined more deeply, SWOT analysis has their respective roles in running a business:

Strength (Strength)

The first is strength (strength), this strength section describes the advantages and advantages of planning for a business. Of course, regarding the positive things that occur.

Here I will give an example of a swot analysis of regional specialties, namely the rendang culinary business in the Semarang area

The strength analysis is as follows:

Beef is easy to find
Indonesian people on average like to eat meat
Beef is easy to process
All Indonesian people know Rendang food
Beef is durable and long lasting


This weakness is the opposite of strength, in the analysis of weakness (weakness) discusses the shortcomings of a business plan, aka negative.
Weakness analysis in regional specialties regarding the rendang culinary business in the Semarang area

 The price of raw materials is relatively expensive
 Javanese people tend to like the taste of sweet foods
 Rendang stale fast food


An opportunity in terms of entrepreneurship is an opportunity that can be used in running a business.

An example of the analysis is as follows with the same theme as above:

In the Semarang area there are rarely people who open a rendang culinary business
Semarang is a densely populated city so that it can maximize the rendang culinary business
Because rendang is rare, it makes people interested in trying something different

Threat (Threat)

The threat here does not mean destroying a business product. But the point is a threat about the business you have run and what will happen in the future. Will your business products survive or maybe go out of business?

Analysis of threats in local specialties regarding the culinary business of rendang in the Semarang area:

Some adults tend to avoid eating beef, especially beef because of cholesterol.
Processed beef is very common

Is Swot Analysis Important In An Entrepreneur?

The answer is very important! Why ? Because by analyzing SWOT, the business planning that will be carried out will be able to identify the positive and negative sides.

The impact that occurs when using the SWOT analysis method in entrepreneurship:

The impact that occurs, of course, is more careful planning and can minimize losses from an entrepreneur.

Source And Translated from : Sikap Yang Harus Dipunyai Oleh Wirausaha


That is the discussion about the importance of SWOT analysis in entrepreneurship. With this article I hope to help you entrepreneurs if you want to run a business to plan through the SWOT analysis method.