6 Types of Offline Promotion Media and Their Strategies for Your Business - Some time ago I discussed online promotional media, now it's the turn for the offline part again because it feels like something is incomplete.

Offline promotional media is a marketing method that applies face-to-face alias for real, even though not completely.

Offline marketing is easy and depends on how the strategy and media are used.

Discussing strategies and offline media, let's just look at the explanation:

1. Distribute Free Calendars

Some entrepreneurs still use offline promotional media through this calendar. Apart from using more cost-effective use, the impact is positive.

The strategy:

Make a custom calendar and don't forget to insert your business brand
Please leave the calendars at the nearest minimarket so they can be distributed free of charge when someone buys them
Do this at the end of the year, such as from October to December.

2. Distribute leaflets and brochures

Sometimes when students come home from school, there are several people who distribute flyers to promote their business (usually a kind of tutoring center).

They use brochure media which is also suitable, because school students are busy when they return home.

The strategy:

Make the brochure as attractive as possible, offer something that competitors don't (after market research)
Distribute brochures to various places and try to do something related to your business such as tutoring brochures to school students.
Find a place with a lot of people passing by.

3. Set up a stand during the bazaar

You must know for yourself that everywhere there are bazaars like books, it must be very busy. You can use it as a field to promote your product by setting up a stand.

The strategy:

Make a stand that is neither too small nor too big, aka medium. Try to have a colorful color to make it more attractive to passing visitors.
Divide the two groups, namely the people who maintain the booth and those who promote the booth. Through the group so that it is easier to organize.
Create promotions that invite visitors such as buy one get one free or give a discount.

Tips for giving discounts: The price is increased first then give a discount to match the normal price

4. Promote Products During CFD (Car Free Day)

Apart from the bazaar, there was also a CFD (Car Free Day) which was full of visitors. Unfortunately, CFD only applies on certain days, usually on weekends.

Now because of the limited days, make the best use of it to promote your product.

The strategy is more or less the same as number 3.

5. Newspapers Although today's news can be seen on television and the internet. Some people still read news through newspapers. Take it easy, you can still promote your business products through newspapers even though the users are starting to decrease. The strategy: Create a responsive size for placing your business products in the newspaper. The responsive size here means that the normal size is neither large nor small. Make reasons why people should use your business products 6. Street Billboards Now this last one does require a large amount of money. But the results will be worth the expense. You must have known for yourself that the highway is very busy and it is impossible to be quiet (except at night). The strategy: Advertise on billboards near traffic lights. Why ? Because some people who get bored at the red light tend to look around the streets including billboards. 


Those are some types of offline promotional media and their strategies. I hope that this article can add to your insight in the field of product marketing.

Source and translated from : Media Promosi Offline