These are Some of the Factors that Cause Entrepreneurial Failure in Running Their Business - After I previously wrote about the attitudes that entrepreneurs must have, I will now discuss the various factors that cause entrepreneurial failure in running their business.

As we know, in running a business will not be completely successful, an entrepreneur can fail and experience failure due to various factors.

Here are some of these factors that cause an entrepreneur to fail:

1. The Plan Doesn't Fit Reality

An entrepreneur should not make plans carelessly. They must make the plan well and well prepared.

Analysis is the impact that will occur on the plans that have been made by the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur does not plan through careful preparation, the results will not match reality.

2. Many Theories Without Execution

Indeed, the average entrepreneur likes to make various theories or plans for the future. But there are also not a few of them who only have many theories but do not implement them.

So that the business that has been run becomes unfocused and eventually closes the business.

3. Not Doing Market Research

An entrepreneur who does not conduct market research on his business can make a business that has been run will not last long.

Why ? Because through market research, an entrepreneur can find out what consumers like and see competitors.

If this is not done, of course, the business will be empty of visitors because they cannot read the thoughts that consumers like.

4. Lack of Creative And Innovative

The more developed the eating era, the more varied the existing business. If an entrepreneur does not have a creative and innovative attitude, his business will be easily eroded by the advancement of the times.

5. Easy to feel satisfied and can not be managed

The word success in entrepreneurship is indeed very pleasant. The efforts that have been carried out so far are not in vain because the peak of success has been obtained.

But many entrepreneurs do not know that it can be a trial for entrepreneurs. Do you know why? That is because he will feel satisfied so that he will quickly spend the results uncontrollably without good management and it will result in his business having no more capital.

In the end, when it is like that, the business will fall.

6. Less Hard Work Whatever is done if it is not done seriously the results will not be optimal. Just as in entrepreneurship, running a business must be observed from the heart and carried out with enthusiasm. 

7. Marketing That Doesn't Work If an entrepreneur has succeeded in making a product, but because of bad marketing it can make your product a complete failure because there are no consumers who are interested in your product.

 8. Lack of connection with other businesses An entrepreneur also needs connections with other businesses. Because through these connections can add to the experience of entrepreneurship and work together to build a business that is run by each. The more connections between entrepreneurs can make a business famous and strong. Conversely, if an entrepreneur does not have any connections it can make the entrepreneur easily bored and bored, which can make his business fail. 


 That is the discussion this time regarding the causes of failed entrepreneurship in running his business. Hopefully this article can make entrepreneurs stay enthusiastic because they already know the causes of entrepreneurial failure. Make learning every mistake that has been done, not giving up the best way, but getting up and fighting for success. Falling down and then getting up again, that's the mentality of an entrepreneur.

Source and translated from : Setingkat: Penyebab kegagalan dalam berwirausaha