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Fighting Stress for the Work-Life Balance

Work is a part of human life that has fast taken the centrestage. Driven by passion and commitment, men and women toil hard to earn a livelihood, or in some cases, to try and leave a legacy behind. But with processed food primarily overpowering or lives, and modern luxuries acting as conductors to our work-focused monotonic lifestyles; stress and anxiety… Read more →

How Businesses Can Protect Against Cyber Attacked

Technology has dramatically transformed the way business is carried out. Even something as simple as the neighbourhood grocery business has moved online, as the entire process from getting the order to receiving the final payment can now be carried out over the internet. Thanks to IT, businesses can now reach out to clients in a way that was unimaginable even… Read more →

Time Budgeting in the Student World

Access to todays technology leaves little to the imagination. Or maybe, there is so much to imagine, the possibilities are limitless and therefore, more structure is necessary. However, there is something else to consider when reflecting on this type of source to write academic research, but it does not start in high school Think of it as reverse education. As… Read more →

Should job application skills be taught in university?

  A job application is the first step for a prospective graduate in the process of landing employment. The application is the beginning of the employment process for most employers. For many graduates finishing their tertiary education, employment is the next chapter in their lives. With many graduates only learning the hard way that the job application is not just… Read more →

Web Development Tools that all UI Students Should Learn

The only thing anyone needs to dominate the Internet these days is a computer that is hooked up to the Internet. If people can summon the willpower to not look at YouTube or Reddit all day, they could learn to code. According to Glassdoor, the national average Web Developer salary is $USD 86,832. Whether you’re a project manager, web developer… Read more →

How Online Behaviour Impacts Security Measures

From Snapchat and cameras to online banking, computers everywhere are collecting data. It can be an algorithm with facial recognition software, or more simply; a string of text that documents how long it can take to login to a website. These are out in the world for people, data analysts and IT departments everywhere and are revealing essential details about… Read more →

Why the Indonesian government bans casinos

While PriceWaterhouseCoopers predicted in 2011 that Asia Pacific will be the fastest-growing region for casino gaming spending, Indonesia remains strictly opposed to all gambling activities. When neighboring Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands casino opened, it became a major casino destination for tourists, bringing in roughly US$2.8 billion in revenues that same year. Despite seeing the major benefits that casinos can bring… Read more →

6 Key Factors to Consider When Building a Startup

  The dream of owning a small business has become popular in recent years against working in a corporate environment. A great small business can start as an idea, but to transform it into reality requires action. Starting a business can seem overwhelming, but by breaking it down into smaller tasks, the task of starting a business seems a lot… Read more →

Should College Application Writing be Taught in High School?

  The college application essay is a written statement written by a prospective student applying to a college or graduate school. The application essay is a common part of the university and college admissions process. For many students finishing their secondary education, the college application is the next step in their schooling career. With many students only learning the hard… Read more →

Violence in International Schools. What Can Be Done About It?

Unfortunately, people today are no strangers to violence in our schools. From fights between students to the use of crude weapons by one or more students against the faculty, such incidents have become more common as time goes by. American statistics reveal a worrying trend. In the United States alone there have been many incidents of shootings in schools ranging… Read more →