Recent Research Suggests Treatment for Sleep Disorders and Cancer

There is no getting around the fact that sleep disorders are never a fun time. Of course, the same is rightfully said about cancer diagnoses. There is nothing scarier than finding yourself in a position where you are afraid and vulnerable. Nobody likes to be in that position, and so it is always encouraging when a little ray of hope signals on the horizon to suggest new movement in the right direction towards any treatments or even possible cures. For ages, cannabis has been linked to cancer as an alternative healing method and it can also be used as a sleep aid. You can check out this cannabis site to learn more about the healing effects of cannabis. 

Over the years, there have been many suggestions that sleep disorders like insomnia can be linked to individuals who have had treatment for cancer. This is not surprising news. However, the recent research findings suggest a bright new hope for individuals who suffer with sleep condition insomnia post cancer clearance. Now, there is newfound hope on the horizon. Recent research highlights the possibility that just a single session in an esteemed sleep education program for cancer survivors could genuinely yield significantly positive results in participants.

The research that brings hope

This research finding is centred around the finding that a single session in a sleep education program genuinely cures insomnia in some patients. For those that do not yield these successful results in the first session, researchers say that a longer yet still remarkable program containing three sessions is likely, if not certainly, to do the trick. Of those who underwent the research study, 71% had their insomnia cured after they completed the program. Chronic insomnia impacts up to 30% of cancer survivors, which makes this newfound research an incredible step in the right direction.

How the research impacts progress

Of course, any positive steps in the right direction surrounding chronic sleep condition insomnia are exciting, but in the case of cancer survivors, who have spent a considerable part of their recovery being drained and exhausted as it is, this is beyond life-changing. This type of research is incredibly exciting and there is a lot to be said about the power of hope when it comes to cases like this. Never has there been this much awareness and understanding surrounding this specific area of health, and every positive step forward is precious.

Understanding your own sleep health

Regardless of if you are a cancer survivor or not, sleep conditions like insomnia and even sleep apnoea are becoming shockingly more common as the days go on. This means that it is more important than ever that you develop a healthy relationship with your own awareness and understanding of your sleeping habits and the quality of your sleep. If you struggle with your sleep, there are thankfully many ways that you can get the assistance you need to positively shift your sleeping habits and patterns in a more healthy and positive direction. 

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