How to Cultivate a Beginner Understanding of an Integrated SEO Strategy

Business men and women are conditioned to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Before the age of the digital media industry, SEO was not a word that was thrown around in business pitches and meetings. For those new to the industry or trying to learn more about how SEO experts can help their business, it is important to note that SEO is more than just one thing. It is figuring out a strategy that can help a business, company, or website show up at the top of search engine pages. This can be done through a variety of ways.

Do Your Own Search

The first way to ensure an effective SEO strategy is to start by doing an organic search on multiple search engines to determine how effective the brand is at being a top competitor. To do this, one should type in keywords they think are associated with the company. If the keywords don’t show up, then try multiple ones until something works. This general test can help with understanding what keywords are stronger than others, and which ones might need to be thrown out. Before doing the organic search, a marketing team might sit down and decide on a list of words they think are representative of their brand. Sometimes when first doing that organic search, marketing teams are surprised to find out what their brand associations before the search are false in comparison to what actually shows up.

Words, words and more words

When doing the search, a few factors come into play. The first and largest one, is the title of a website along with the slug line. If the title does not represent the company in a search, maybe a name change of the site can help. Along with this strategy, any written content housed within the site itself can be beneficial or provide negative impacts when strategizing. For example, having a small business that has a purpose to serve the local community or their home state should mention locations within their site. How is someone supposed to search something if the location is never mentioned. Making sure the written content, coding, and site name all coincide with the selected web search keywords can drastically improve SEO. 

Social Media PerksWhen it comes to SEO, amatuer marketing teams are quick to review website content before even thinking about the power of social media. Social media posts provide daily content to users with many written messages. Within these messages might be brand keywords that users may search when looking for a company to provide their product or service. When selecting a username for the company’s social media accounts, it is important to select a username that compliments their SEO strategy. If the site name and content differentiates from the social media accounts, then the lack of consistency can ruin the efficiency of the overall marketing strategy.

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