The Twisted Web of Education and Mental Health

In the education industry, there is something important to be said about the power of understanding the influence that education can have on an individual’s life. For some people, that understanding is not always necessarily rooted in positive academic experiences. In fact, one of the most pressing issues in the field of education (and in the world in general, for that matter) is that of mental health and the surrounding stigma that has plagued the industry for the longest time.

Some students cope with the stress of an intense school year by playing games online (there are more resources online for this exact activity than ever), while others just genuinely struggle to find their groove or the coping strategies that have the most positive impact on them. For these individuals specifically, there can be no doubt that there is a struggle that goes on for these individuals. In some instances, this struggle can be devastating and even fatal, over time.

The toxic stigma that continues

There is a stigma surrounding mental health that has almost ensured that this topic remain taboo for the longest time. In the education industry, it cannot be ignored that this is a topic that people still struggle with, even now. The fact that industries as powerful and overwhelming as educatin are still not handling mental health the way they should be, is staggering and sobering at once. This is the toxic reality, and it is a reality that people are always working towards driving home the importance of its evolution into an approach and an attitude to mental health that is far healthier and more positive.

The harrowing approach to mental health

The education industry has many strengths, but the unfortunate reality is that adequately and appropriately dealing with mental health is not one of them. The fact is that for decades, educational institutions have failed to adequately ensure that their students felt supported and valued when they were struggling with their workloads – or anywhere else in their lives, for that matter. Mental health is a very real issue, and the treatment of it and the students and educators alike who struggle with their mental health is harrowing and frankly, not anywhere close to being good enough. The time for change was yesterday, but it better late than never.

The positive moves in the right direction

Of all the movements that the global education industry has made, the healthiest and most positive of them all has to be the movements currently taking place to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and introduce a better way to approach and treat it from the onset. Education is an industry that does so well in its main purpose, yet somehow achieves this status even with so many tiny yet instrumental gaps in the ongoing process. Mental health does not have to be taboo (in fact it genuinely should not be), and finally we are seeing a global education industry that is wholly dedicated to changing the status quo and changing lives in the process.

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