4 Ways To Grow Your Freelance Writing Career In College

Being a student can be really pricy these days. There are a number of expenses that you must pay for, including your tuition fees and living costs. Moreover, study-friendly jobs are more and more difficult to find and they can interfere with your academic responsibilities.

So, being a freelance writer seems just right when you are in college. You get to do what you like, you are your own boss, have schedule flexibility, and you earn some extra bucks. However, a freelance career can seem intimidating when you are just starting. So, here are 4 ways to help you grow your freelance writing career as a student:

1. Go online to find clients

First things first, you need clients in order to start earning some income. However, don’t just expect clients to reach out to you, especially when you are a beginner.

You need to get online, on the most popular freelancing platforms, and start bidding at different writing projects. Once you work with a client or two, things will be a lot easier because they will recommend you among their peers or they might want you to collaborate in the long- term.

2. Spread the word

Growing your freelance writing career requires you to use your entrepreneurial skills to attract more clients. That’s right, you need to invest some time in marketing your services. not only in the online world but also among your college peers because you never know who might need some help with their English essay homework.

3. Have that money talk

There is nothing worse than working without being paid enough or at all. In fact, you are here for the money so you can’t accept clients who forget or are too late to pay for your work. However, it may happen for your clients to try to convince you to lower your prices as much as possible. Or, they might forget to pay you. So, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you will get paid.

First of all, start by explaining to your clients exactly what are your rates. If you feel like you can negotiate a little bit and lower your pricing, do it. If you consider that your prices are fair compared with the work you invest, be firm in explaining to your clients why your rates are just right.

Secondly, certainly, no one likes late payments. And, unfortunately, some of your clients will sometimes forget about paying for your work. Now, it is the time when you send them a friendly reminder about the payment. Remember to be polite and friendly rather than anywhere close to being rude or aggressive.

In fact, in order to avoid late payments, you can use invoice software that will automatically send reminders to your clients that contain your name, contact details, and all the detail projects. This way you will make sure that all your clients will pay you before the deadline.

4. Ask for feedback and reviews

As with any type of business, feedback and reviews are essential to help you grow and improve your services. Asking your clients for feedback will help you understand your strengths and your weaknesses.

Moreover, if you are working on freelance platforms in the online world, don’t forget to ask your satisfied clients to leave a review on your profile for others too see it too. This will increase your chances of being contacted by clients who are looking for good freelancers to help them with their projects.

Freelancing is a great way to build experience and earn a few extra bucks when you are still in college. However, keep in mind to maintain a balance between your studies and your work.

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