The Most Famous Engagement Rings Of All Time

It is no secret that when a couple gets engaged, everyone around them mainly wants to know two things-one, how was the proposal made, and two, what does the ring look like. The ring is not just an eye candy or a style statement, but also holds immense sentimental value. 

According to a study, men take an average of about 3.6 months to finally select an engagement ring. They visit at least five jewellers and check out about 25 rings before buying the one they find suitable for the big occasion. While there are a variety of engagement rings from Carat London to match every style and budget, diamond rings remain the most popular choice. Even the most famous engagement rings, such as the ones described below, shone bright because of diamonds that were combined with precious stones.

1.Jackie Kennedy

In 1953, JF Kennedy asked Jacqueline Bouvier to marry him with a stunning ring that had a 2.88 carat diamond and a 2.84 carat emerald. It is said that he was familiar with her love for emeralds and had picked out the ring with help from her father. The couple stayed together till the former president’s tragic assassination in 1963. The ring is now estimated to value around $1.39 million.

2. Kate Middleton 

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010 with a stunning family heirloom that was worn by his late mother Princess Diana after she had agreed to marry Prince Charles in 1981. This ring bears a stunning oval-shaped 12-carat blue sapphire that is circled by 14 small solitaire diamonds set on a white gold band. The ring was bought for $40,000 in 1981 and is now worth $430,000. 

3. Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times and had collected a lot of rings along the way. A self-proclaimed jewellery fanatic herself, Taylor was the owner of at least two iconic engagement rings. Her third husband and film producer Mike Todd had proposed to her with a huge emerald-cut 29.4-carat diamond ring that she supposedly referred to as her “ice skating rink.” 

Her most celebrated ring, however, was given by Richard Burton in 1963. The actor had proposed to her with a diamond and platinum ring that carried a whooping 33.19 carat stone in the centre and two tapered baguette-cut diamonds. When Taylor flaunted this ‘Krupp diamond,’ it became so popular that it was renamed as ‘The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond’. Its value is estimated at $8.2 million in today’s money.

4. Audrey Hepburn

The best proposals do not need the most expensive rings. When Mel Ferrer decided to propose to Audrey Hepburn on a garden overlooking Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, he had put in a lot of thought and consideration about her varied moods and personal style. Instead of hunting for the biggest or the most expensive diamond ring, he chose a stackable diamond eternity band to go along with two wedding bands, that she could mix and match the designs as she deemed fit. Hepburn’s ring had a total of 1.5 carat diamonds.

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