Making Yourself Presentable In 3 Simple Steps

First impressions matter and while we are taught not to judge a book by it’s cover, the truth is, appearances are everything. Employers and potential business partners might not give you the time of day if you look like a homeless person or someone who generally doesn’t care about their appearance. Hygiene and grooming tells people how much effort you put into yourself and if you look as though you have put in zero effort, it will only put people off. 

Stay clean

It might sound like a no-brainer, but rolling out of bed and heading straight to work might look attractive in movies but it is hardly practical in real life. We read about how sexy bed hair is but everything is over-glamorized or romanticized in movies and books. The truth is that the “bedhead” we see in movies undergo hours of styling. Furthermore, smell is neglected on the big screen but it is an important factor in real life. 

While scientists say that body odor is genetic, it can also be caused by bacteria. However, people generally associate fresh smells with someone who keeps clean and body odor – whether genetic or not – with dirt and general uncleanliness. 

Bathe twice a day and throw worn outfits into the laundry instead wearing it several times prior to putting it into the wash. It will not do to put on a dirty outfit from a week ago.  

Be groomed

Once you have hygiene out of the way, it is time to tackle hair: from top to toe, you should stay properly groomed. Overgrown facial hair for men is not attractive and while it adds to that scruffiness, it is not the best look when you’re trying to impress someone in the corporate world where everyone is about being clean cut. Women’s hair should also be kept neat and tidy. Whether long or short, colored or not, hair should be well maintained. This means that it should be combed, styled or and kept in shape with no visible roots that require touching up. 

If there is excessive body hair, it should be trimmed or waxed. Men often overlook their eyebrows but it is the small details that matter. Having well manicured brows shows people how much attention and effort you put into yourself, which translates to you being a meticulous individual with good attention to detail. 

Style yourself

The finishing touch to looking put together is learning how to style yourself. Chuck out the glasses that you’ve been wearing since high school in favor of contact lenses from This will give you a boost of confidence, as well as upgrading your look from IT nerd to serious businessman. However, if you would like to keep your glasses, give the frames an upgrade. There are plenty of stylish frames on the market – take a look at Ali Wong who has revolutionized her glasses by using frames from sunglasses. Not only does this put a personal touch to your entire look, it also shows how innovative and creative a person can be.

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