How To Maintain Your Health And Body

Every year many individuals make huge resolutions to lose weight, stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle. Some are successful in achieving their goals, whereas some tend to quickly fall by the end of the first month. Plan specific and attainable goals for yourself in order to achieve them. Make minor changes instead of taking giant leaps at once, monitor your progress and stay motivated. Health experts say by creating realistic goals you are more likely to achieve healthy lifestyle changes.

Aside from using healthy and antibacterial products from Dettol, below are a few steps to get you started to make 2020 a healthier year.

Always drink water

First and foremost, drink more water. Not only you need water to stay hydrated, but also drinking more water will help you regulate your weight.  If you are working out, playing sports and staying active it is imperative that you constantly drink water. As you sweat, the need for water in your body increases.

Don’t skip out on breakfast

Well we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is for a reason. Fill your breakfast with healthy choices and pack it with protein. Research has shown that people who have a wholesome protein breakfast remain fresh and it allows them to eat less throughout the day.  To stay in shape, try to refrain from high-carb items such as bagels and muffins, which are filled with calories that will make you hungry in just a few hours. 

Ensure you get all your vitamins, as they are an essential part of our body. Whether you are getting your vitamins from fruits or a vitamin shop, make it a habit.

Hit the Gym and exercise

Many people are under the impression that doing endless amounts of cardio will help reduce weight. That is a total myth, yeah sure running helps but do some exercises to accompany that cardio, lifting weights has been proven to staying in shape. Strength training should be your main course and cardio can be your side dish.

Don’t give up if you don’t see results right away, everyone’s body works in different ways, continue the hard work and make sure not to get discouraged.

Track your progress

Keep a workout log, this will enable you to achieve your targets, and increase your strength training accordingly. With a workout log you can track your strengths and weaknesses, one day that log can tell you to reward yourself whereas one day it might signal you to work harder.

Sleep more

Getting a good night of sleep is vital. Sleep will control your diet, your moods and your habits. According to studies not sleeping enough, less than six to seven hours per night can cancel out your hard work at the gym and your diet. Poor sleeping patterns will alter your fat cells, and the lack of rest will make you crave more food, food that isn’t great for you.

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