Developing Desirable Traits With Sports

Whether you are on the swim team or just shooting some hoops with the ball you picked up on Decathlon over the weekends with your friends, you are benefiting from the sport you do in more ways than one. While all sports help hone one’s patience, discipline and tolerance, different sports encourage the development of certain skills. 

Swimmers are highly focused

There is no other explanation for how swimmers are able to “neglect common sense and take the 5 a.m. plunge into the cold waters of a pool” and do it for hours every day, for years, in order to take home the gold. Swimmers are undeniably the most focused individuals you will come across, they are able to submerge and commit themselves to the task at hand. They are individuals who do not need constant stimulation and can thrive in dull environments that require them to do the same thing day in and day out. They are also individuals who are able to devote their entire self to completing their task. 

Rock climbing helps with problem solving

The sport actually boosts brain function. From thinking about where to place your hand next to planning how to best shift your weight, bouldering or rock climbing is a sport that exercises not only your body, but your brain. The hand-holds are a puzzle and it takes concentration and a level of IQ to figure out the best course to get to the top. 

Team players are team players

It comes as no surprise that football, basketball, hockey and other team sports players have excellent communication skills and are able to delegate efficiently. While all should have the potential to lead, they are able to let vanity and dominance take a back seat. Team players have a tendency to be more charismatic and for good reason. One has no choice but to be well-socialized when placed in a team. They train with others, learn good sportsmanship, succeed and fail together. Furthermore, in order to play the game well, they need to keep channels of communication open. From tactics to anticipating the next move, communication remains a key skill that team players must have. 

Other useful skills that sports help develop and perfect

Time management is one of the most useful skills that athletes pick up. Paired with discipline, this is the reason why you see athletes training at ungodly hours and for extended amounts of time. While others are out partying, they are taking care of their bodies and sticking to their regimes in order to keep their performance at peak levels. This is why being proficient at a sport is something employers look at on a resume. Being a sportsman identifies you as an individual who is coachable, is able to work as a team and above all, is self-motivated and disciplined. It also doesn’t hurt that athletes have a competitive streak which will help them excel in whatever facet of their life.

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