How to Improve Cardiovascular Health

In the United States alone, around 610,000 people die every year from heart disease. Meaning one out of every four deaths is due to poor cardiovascular health, with these numbers, it ranks number one as the leading cause of death for most people. With more of us working at a desk and not exercising properly, it’s easy to understand why heart disease is affecting so many of us. And the truth is making small changes can make huge improvements to your health. But how can you improve your cardiovascular health? We’ll we’re going to tell you how.

Cut alcohol consumption

This doesn’t mean you can never have a drink again. You can, but cutting down the amount of alcohol you consume can make all the difference. By drinking more than three alcoholic beverages a day, you increase blood pressure, which negatively affects your heart.

Walk 10 minutes a day

If you don’t regularly exercise, you don’t need to start by looking up online CPT certifications as a first step. Going for a ten-minute walk is a great way to introduce exercise without overwhelming yourself. Every week add ten more minutes to each walk. Soon, you’ll be walking 30 to 40 minutes without even feeling it. By exercising, you boost circulation and reduce cholesterol levels.

Ease up on sodium

You may not notice it, but most of the food we eat is high in sodium. Your body only needs around 500 mg of sodium per day. Opt for sodium-free seasonings and avoid snacks that are high in sodium. Though sodium is good for the body as it regulates fluids, too much sodium can cause water retention.

Quit smoking

If you’re not smoking, great, you can skip this step. But if you are smoking, then you need to read this. Nicotine, the chemical in cigarettes aids in constricting the blood vessels, which prevents proper blood flow throughout the body. Now, kicking this bad habit isn’t going to be easy. So, see your doctor and what you can do to stop smoking.

Try different types of exercises

If you’re already walking, then incorporate other activities into your routine. Aerobic exercise, resistance training, and weight training all work to boost your heart’s health and keep your body weight under control. Working out a minimum of twice per week will benefit your body greatly.

Clean up your diet

We all love to indulge in fried and fatty foods; however, that’s not going to keep your body functioning optimally. Focusing on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat will ensure your body receives the right nutrients and vitamins. Talking to a nutritionist can help create a diet plan for you that’ll put you on the right track.

Everyone needs their heart; there’s no doubting that. By incorporating these tips in your life, you’ll increase your lifespan and improve your overall well-being. Don’t become a statistic. Change your life and keep your heart healthy and happy. 

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