How to identify the perfect sales employee

It has been found that about 18% of companies use psychometric tests to hire people. Though the percentage is getting higher every year, people are yet to understand the importance of cognitive tests that enables us to find out the exact areas that are our strengths or weaknesses. The sales department can be very different from other sectors. This is a place where you need to interact with clients and customers, sometimes negotiate ruthlessly, sometimes be extremely likeable and mostly be confident. Sales people also need to work in a team and collaborate with other departments as well. Since it is not possible for employers to find out all these traits in someone when taking an interview, psychometric tests can be a very good solution. Finding out the right traits in people via an assessment will save time, money and effort.

Find Out Your Needs

Every business is different and the parameters to measure its success or an employee’s performance is different too.  Hence it is important to first know what your organization needs. Once you do, you would need to find out a test that will evaluate the characteristics needed for the particular job profile. For example, a sales person for a software company will need to have a different approach than someone from an apparel company. Though, the bottom line remains the same – selling the product. 

Types Of Sales Psychometric Tests

There are various kinds of psychometric tests that will help determine the right kind of sales person. Here are some:

Sales Personality Tests: Your personality can determine your job type, that’s not a secret anymore. Now it is quite obvious that sales persons need to be have a certain personality. They are usually outgoing, loves making friends, building relationships, and oozes confidence. A sales personality test will be able to find out if you have it in you to be competent enough for the post. The best way to prepare for this kind of tests is to be truthful and assume that you are in a real situation at work. 

Sales Aptitude Tests: Next comes the Sales Aptitude Test. This test contains questions based on reasoning and aptitude. Verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning along with error checking are usually found in this kind of tests. The aim is to find out if you have the logic reasoning that one might need to be a salesperson.

Sales Situational Judgement Test: As the name suggests, the set of questions are based on some real work situations that might throw some challenge. Your job is to understand the problem and find out a solution for it, as if you are working for real. This will help your employers find out how you react or respond to certain emergency situations.

Apart from these, different companies have sales psychometric test packages for the employees. The only way to ace these tests is to practice constantly. The more you do it, you will get close to your goal.

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