Why sleep is such a profoundly important contributor to health

Over the years, there have been many health and sleeping innovations that have helped to evolve and transform the mattress industry. In fact, throughout human history we have learned more and more about sleep and its impacts on overall health and quality of life in general. The more that we have learned, the more obvious it is that sleep is not only a desirable activity to look forward to at the end of a busy day, but a necessary component that has a monumental impact on the quality of life in general. So, sleep is important, but to understand why that is in-depth, we need to look at recent sleep innovations and connect them with what we have known for quite some time.

The basics of sleeping patterns and their effects

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is very important, because our bodies function depending on how well rested they are. When one goes to sleep at a good hour, and manages to sleep through the night quite well with minimal disruptions to their slumber, they generally tend to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. On the other hand, when there are multiple disruptions throughout the night, the bed is not comfortable, or any manner of other issues that impact one’s sleeping pattern, the individual often (if not nearly always) wakes up feeling groggy and unproductive. While we have all felt these effects, and we know they impact our day to day lives, it is important to also understand them in-depth.

An in-depth look at why sleep is so important

Our overall health tends to be greatly impacted by the quality of our sleep. When we sleep, it helps to give the brain a chance to sift through the day just been, solidifying the memory. One of the central functions of sleep, in fact, is that it helps to consolidate long-term memory. This is achieved through the strengthening of certain neural connections, and the pruning back of others. Further, toxins – including those associated with Alzheimer’s disease, are removed by the brain through cerebrospinal fluid as we sleep. Additionally, getting a good night’s sleep is important in giving the physical body the chance it needs to rest and recharge in preparation for the day ahead.

The right mattress can make all the difference

Sometimes, getting a good night’s sleep can be as simple as changing your mattress to a fresh one that better suits your needs. Many people do not understand the differences between mattresses, and are of the belief that they are all relatively similar to one another. This is not the truth of it at all, and in fact different mattresses have vastly different traits that mean that they better suit certain types of sleepers. From mattresses with memory foam, to mattresses with inbuilt mattress toppers, and every type of mattress in between, choosing the right mattress can and often does make all the difference to one’s sleeping pattern. Of course, mattresses are not the sole contributor to the quality of sleep, but having the perfect mattress definitely helps.

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