4 reasons why people don’t update their computers

Though you’ve probably seen pop-ups on your computer, telling you to update the system, you ignore these messages. You’re not alone on this. In fact, nearly 50% of desktop users don’t regularly update their systems. Considering online privacy is becoming a huge issue, no one is taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from hackers. Why is that? You’re going to find out why, but most importantly, you’re going to learn why you should be updating your system.


People don’t understand what it means

Not all of us are computer professionals, knowing the latest upgrades and why we need to do them. Usually, our computers are in need of constant upgrading. However, most of us don’t understand the importance of those upgrades. The truth is most of the upgrades popping up on your computer system are designed to fix small bugs, preventing hackers and viruses from sneaking through the cracks.


It’s time-consuming

Nowadays, anything we need to invest over 30 seconds of our attention is time-consuming. When it comes to updates on our computer system, we can’t lie to you, it takes time. Your computer needs to shut down all the opened tabs, then update the system and then restart your computer. For people who have an established workflow, waiting for the system update to finish interrupts their flow. However, what people don’t know is that investing five minutes in upgrading their system can save their computer from being attacked by hackers and viruses.


Upgrades are not seen as important

When it comes to security, we don’t see system upgrades as something essential. Instead, we’re busy trying to read a VPN setup guide or trying to learn how cookies work. For a majority of people, they assume their computer system is already protected and can now focus on more important issues like limiting their Facebook profile or securing their password. Those these are important security improvements, but the computer is the foundation, it’s our main tool when we work.


People have had bad experiences

Not everyone who’s updated their computer systems did so with flying colors. Many people have had bad experiences when making upgrades. They’ve experienced malfunctions, their computer slowing down, and an array of other issues. For example, Apple admitted to slowing down specific phone models when updates occurred. Naturally, this made Apple desktop users concerned when making system upgrades. However, not all upgrades are going to give these results. It’s important to review the upgrades and see what other people are saying before you make a decision.


Rule of Thumb: Upgrade your System

There are countless reasons why people don’t want to upgrade their computer system. But at the end of the day, you should always upgrade your software. The number of opportunities you allow hackers, dramatically decrease when you take the proper steps in protecting your personal information. Though it may take several minutes to complete, it’s well worth the small interference it creates in your day.

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