5 must-know myths about back pain

No one enjoys experiencing back pain. For some of us that pain is short-term while for others it’s chronic. Misaligned joints, weak core, and slipped discs aren’t as uncommon as you may think. If you suffer from back pain, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Naturally, many of us think that by not moving, we’re helping to reduce the pain – which isn’t true. If back pain is an issue for you, by knowing the myths, you’ll be able to avoid making crucial mistakes when finding treatment for back pain.


Myth #1: Back pain comes without any warning

When back pain hits, it hits us hard with most of us thinking that it came as a surprise attack. But here’s the thing, back pain usually doesn’t come as a surprise, rather there were clear warning signs that you chose to ignore or completely didn’t notice. Back pain is a cumulative effect which you notice with time. It can be caused by poor fitness, weight gain, lifting heavy object incorrectly and poor posture.


Myth #2: Exercise makes back pain even worse

Many people avoid exercising when they’re experiencing back pain in fear of making the issue worse. However, exercise is one of the things you should be doing in order to reduce back pain. Why? This is because by having a strong core, you relieve pressure off of the spine and support your back. When you’re experiencing back pain, there are specific exercises which you need to do.


Myth #3: If you have back pain, you’ll need surgery eventually

Many people are scared to visit a doctor regarding their back pain because they assume that they’ll need surgery. However, in reality, unless your situation is very severe, most back pain is treatable without non-invasive methods including physical therapy and exercise. By going to a doctor, they’ll be able to provide you with the necessary treatments for your specific case.


Myth #4: Only painkillers help rid the pain

We hear this time and time again, people relying solely on painkillers in order to treat their back pain. However, though you can use anti-inflammatory medication, you don’t necessarily need it if you’re treating your back pain through exercise, sleeping on a quality mattress and physical therapy. In addition, if you rely on medication, you’re not able to monitor and track the progress of your therapy. Alternative therapies such as yoga is a form of treatment that works exceptionally well.


Myth #5: Lie down to reduce pain

Lying down is better than sitting, however, both aren’t great options when it comes to reducing back pain. Lying down to reduce pain can actually slow down the healing process. Resting in bed isn’t a good idea, but this doesn’t mean you need to increase physical activity. You should be as active as possible, as those who are active are able to overcome their back pain faster than those who aren’t. So, sitting for a couple hours or lying down in bed watching tv isn’t going to help you get over your pain. It’s time to put some shoes on and get moving.  

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