Thesis Statement: The most important component of an essay

While it seems like a simple thing to do, writing a great thesis can be a headache. It is easily one of the most important components of a good essay. If you don’t nail it, your whole essay can be thrown off. It also acts as the foundation of your writing. Follow these tips and you will write a killer thesis statement that will impress your professors.


A thesis statement takes the main idea of an essay and conjoins it into one or two sentences. With some essays reaching thousands and thousands of words, this can be a challenge. Refer to any guidelines you were given which may allow for a longer thesis.


Your thesis statement should always be written at the beginning of an essay. In longer essays, it’s common to introduce the thesis within the second paragraph. Try not to bury the thesis into middle of paragraphs so it can’t be recognized. It needs to be clear, concise, and the reader must know that it is your thesis and not another sentence.


Is your thesis statement vague or specific? A great thesis ideally will be straight to the point and targets a niche idea. As you write your essay, feel free to go back and refine it as you develop new ideas. Check your thesis for larger statements that are connected loosely with “and”, “for”, “but” or other conjunctions. This is a common mistake.

If you find that you’re using conjunctions and the thesis becomes fuzzy, break it down into two sentences. Since it is at the beginning of the essay, you don’t want readers instantly becoming confused before they even begin reading.

Similarly, avoid being too general. What’s the main point of the essay? Intertwine this into the thesis and make a bold statement. Here’s an example of a vague thesis:

  • “A college education is required to start a successful career and earn a great living.”

This is a revised and more specific version:

  • “On average, college graduates earn $1 million more in a lifetime compared to those with only a high school education. College education continues to grow as a worthwhile investment for younger people.”


Not everyone is born an amazing writer. You may end up crafting a rather unoriginal thesis statement because of this. Don’t worry. Revise and refine is the motto. Get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. Then, optimize them as you begin fleshing out the entire essay. If you’re having trouble getting the paper completed, there are services that offer online paper writers.

Your thesis should be quotable and unique. Use your own words and sound like an expert. Mentioning stats or data can make it further stand out. It should set up the rest of the essays tone and main points, thus, focus on flow.

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