Why businesses should invest in professional logo design

When we think of iconic logos, there are several which standout – the golden arches of McDonald’s, Nike’s bold swoosh and the half-eaten fruit of Apple.

In commerce’s infancy, unique marks were used to distinguish different makers’ products from one another which formed the foundations of today’s concept of corporate identity. Logos are a visual reflection of a company’s identity and relationship with their customers. Yet despite their storied commercial value, businesses continue to underestimate the importance of professional logo design.

Here’s why businesses should invest in logo design, whether it’s as a startup company or the rebranding of an established one:

First Impressions Count

Two-tenths of a second. That’s all it takes for people to form a first impression when accessing a website for the first time, according to research conducted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Logos tell a story which must be conveyed in less than a second, so it’s worth investing in a design company who appreciates this notion and understands how to best capture the attention of the intended audience.

Brand Identity

Good logo design is simple, often comprised of a complementary colour scheme and bold typography. Great design unites simplicity with communicability, capturing a company’s core values and brand identity in one emblem.

Establishing brand reputation by association through a well-designed logo allows a company to be showcased consistently across a number of mediums and social media platforms, increasing the likelihood of repeat customers.


Logo design should be purposeful, not just in its message but also in how customers interact with it. Employing professionals means they are familiar with and can adopt an interaction-design based approach.

For digital-centric companies, particularly those who have or plan to introduce smartphone apps, a symbol which leaves an indelible impression on customers serves a greater purpose than branding. It is a functional gateway– the start of an intimate relationship between a customer’s thumbs and the business.

Return on Investment

The old idiom goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  A logo, then, could be worth millions of dollars.

A lot of market research which examines consumer psychology – their purchasing behavior and habits – goes into professional logo design, deliberating details as seemingly innocuous as colour (tech companies prefer blue because it’s associated with trustworthiness and red is favoured by fast-food restaurants as it is believed to stimulate hunger).

Good designs are timeless. Forking out a little bit more upfront for a professional job will save businesses the headache of having to rebrand every few years.

It also guarantees brand integrity. When a decision is finally made after days’ worth of experimentation and original proposals, companies can be safe in the knowledge that their logo doesn’t run the risk of infringing on any trademarks and avoid the potential of being sued.  

Remember, it’s not just an investment in a quarter inch symbol, it’s a lasting message of credibility and loyalty by association, and in extraordinary cases, the face of a movement.

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