The Evolution of Education Technology

            It has been a long time that human beings have seized control over planet Earth and in this pursuit, nothing helped the struggling human kind more than its desire and capability to produce technology. Beginning with simple construction and tool making, the human species transformed itself into the most advanced and sophisticated form of life on the planet to capitalize on its resources to create itself a better, more advanced, secure and comfortable life. Today, every field of life benefits from technological progress and the general mindset of the global population also inclines toward investing into further research to continue this trend. As adults utilize high-tech gadgets to save themselves time, resource and energy with their lives and their children use classy and functional bullet journal pens to write and draw at school, technology continues to influence every aspect of human life to shed light on upcoming possibilities for virtually every member of the human race.

Human health has always been a hot spot for technological research and some of the inventions in this field changed human lives forever. Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge Magazine reports on a new device, eSight 3 as a great remedy for patients with eyesight problems. The device is an augmented reality headset that houses a built-in high-speed HD camera and two OLED displays to utilize software algorithms and enhance vision for those with eye sight problems. The system operates on a battery that runs for six hours while the user is also granted a remote control to alter the functions and processes of the device. eSight 3 also has several built-in plugins that  provide low-latency and focus to better replicate human sight making it the pioneering technology in the market. So far, more than a thousand units have been sold at the $10,000 price tag which has placed the company at the top of the league with possible competition to emerge in both the short and long runs. Although most insurance companies do not cover expenses of this nature as of yet, the company’s business developers forecast that they will begin to do so which will decrease costs associated with purchasing this specific device and increase potential sales thereof.

Brian Bennet for Cnet takes a more personal perspective on the issue to focus on a brand new coffee mug that has provided nothing but great leisure and joy for him as a trial user. Ember’s ceramic based design, system of sensors, heating element and Bluetooth connectivity enables the device to maintain drinks at the perfect temperature in accordance with the drink’s unique composition. As the device enables its users to create presets and change settings in accordance with different drinks, it becomes a joy to enjoy hot drinks, knowing that one will always get the same and best taste out of them. As opposed to traditional gadgets and techniques of heating up drinks and liquid mixtures, Ember is not only extremely fast in getting the job done but the device also heats up the drink evenly and uniformly to be able to do it justice. The ceramic design also makes sure that the gadget is never damaged to due to temperature issues as it is perfectly well fitted with the right type of circuity to distribute the temperature build-up and secure the system. The only problem as of now is that these gadgets cost $150 and therefore are not affordable for everyone but as competition increases and rivalry heats up, the price tag will surely fall to a more reasonable level to please the customers’ not only stomachs but also wallets.

As technology progresses, it is not only the human health or hobbies that get a promotion but also the environment that human beings live in. One of the biggest problems of our age regarding the environment is pollution and virtually every part of Earth is at risk. Tafline Laylin for The Guardian reports on GreenWave, a new sea and ocean farming procedure that makes it possible to grow crops in water , utilizing natural nutrients to grow restorative crops “such as seaweed and shellfish, to produce food, fertilizer, animal feed, cosmetics and biofuel.” Every product being grown in such systems is “carefully selected to address a certain environmental challenge, such as fixing excess nitrogen, in the case of oysters, or seaweed that soaks up carbon dioxide.” With no input necessary to grow such crops, the system is applicable to virtually every region and part of the world as it is extremely easy to replicate. Most importantly, the system is carbon-free, adding no further pollution to the already existent mass. Currently, GreenWave is being implemented in eight sea farms in the waters between Southern England and New York while there is also significant effort to build a seafood hub in Connecticut to sell these products to the market. Therefore, GreenWave is a great invention that not only helps fight Earth pollution but also produces food in the process which constitutes a win-win situation for sure.

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