Month: July 2018

Why businesses should invest in professional logo design

When we think of iconic logos, there are several which standout – the golden arches of McDonald’s, Nike’s bold swoosh and the half-eaten fruit of Apple. In commerce’s infancy, unique marks were used to distinguish different makers’ products from one another which formed the foundations of today’s concept of corporate identity. Logos are a visual reflection of a company’s identity… Read more →

What’s the purpose of education?

The systems and fundamentals that characterize education have gone through years of development, alteration and refinement to give us what we have today. Even technology is redefining how online courses are developing. However, there have been many debates regarding education’s core purpose. Before going through all the university course listings available, you should probably get a firm grip on the purpose… Read more →

The Evolution of Education Technology

            It has been a long time that human beings have seized control over planet Earth and in this pursuit, nothing helped the struggling human kind more than its desire and capability to produce technology. Beginning with simple construction and tool making, the human species transformed itself into the most advanced and sophisticated form of life on the planet to… Read more →