The requirements of becoming a nurse

You may be considering becoming a nurse which is an honorable and rewarding career choice. Sure, you may have been in a hospital once or twice but you really have no idea what being a nurse truly entails. Before you decide on becoming a nurse, there are a couple things you should consider. That way, you can make sure that this is a career you really want to pursue.


It takes a specific personality

At one point in our lives, we’ve all thought about becoming a nurse or doctor. However, many of us stop just at the thought of it. Some decide not to go through with it because of the amount of schooling you need to do, but others realize that their personalities aren’t fit for the job. The personality you have is very important as you’re going to be involved in patient contact. Some patients will be easy to handle while others will be a constant challenge. Personalities which are patient, communicative, and mentally tough are better at handling intense situations.


Your decision matters

Yes, nurses do carry out the recommendations made by the doctor, but they also are making life and death decisions every day. Though, the big difference in comparison to someone who’s not a nurse is that your decisions can affect the continuation of one’s life. Your decisions have a direct impact on the patients you’re treating. But, let’s not forget that you’re surrounded by support while these decisions are being made.


Get ready to study

If you want to become a nurse, you’re not going to be able to unless you have your nursing degree. Makes sense, right? Since you’re in the medical field, you’re going to need to be educated on every little detail. This means you need to be willing to study and commit yourself to the program you’re taking.


You can move up

When you become a nurse, the opportunities open up for you. Once you obtain all the requirements, you have the ability to choose where you wish to practice within the medical field. You have the ability to obtain speciality certifications which can shoot you up the career ladder. In addition, the more you’re specialized, the better position you’ll have in regards to salary.


It’s not like the movies

If you’re wanting to become a nurse because you love Scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy, well, real-life nursing is nothing like it. You’re exposed to viruses and germs on a daily basis, you deal with bodily fluids, and at times, the day can become overwhelming within a minute. Nursing isn’t something you should consider because you saw it on television.


You may not have the lifestyle you want

Many of us assume that once you become a high-up nurse or doctor, you have more control over your shifts which can be true to some extent. However, when it comes to nursing, you may have to work holidays, weekends, and nights. Sadly, it’s not a 9 to 5 job as medical facilities are working twenty-four hours a day.

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