4 Tips To Create A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media marketing is one of the most accessible routes you can take to promote your brand identity, products or overall business. The costs are nearly non-existent but the rewards are great.

The proof is in the numbers, too – 79 percent of American Internet users are on Facebook, while 1.3 billion people in the world are regular Facebook users. Plus, high percentages of adult internet users are active on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and every other major network. Those numbers translate into high traffic to websites and foster a strong connection between brand and users.

Lucky for you, capitalizing on the success of social media marketing is easier than you think. Below are 4 tips that will help you hone the perfect social media strategy to start promoting your company with ease.

  1. Refine your demographic

Before you create your accounts and start posting away, take stock of your demographic (or determine it, if you haven’t gotten that far yet). Many social media channels skew older or younger, or cater to certain media forms better than others – and there are far too many social media networks to keep up with anyways. Understanding the channels that will play to your audience will be better for your time, sanity AND company down the road.

  1. Find a social media management system

Managing several platforms and everything that comes with them can be time consuming. However, there are plenty of social media management systems that can streamline your workload and maximize your content strategy in one easy-to-access place.

I recommend looking into Buffer if you have a simple strategy with just a few profiles, Hootsuite if you want something more middle-of-the-road, or Sprout Social if you want a robust management system. Each platform offers varying degrees of insight into demographics, your competition, and ways you can improve your own posts.


  1. Create a community

Part of why social media is so popular is because it creates an interactive community of people who have similar likes, as opposed to traditional marketing and advertising, which flatly tells consumers why they should purchase a product. Thus, spending time cultivating a community where followers and users feel seen, heard and appreciated is imperative.

Spend time each and every day engaging in conversation on Twitter, commenting in posts on Instagram, and replying to comments on Facebook, for example. What’s better? Not only will you gain a reputation for caring about your users (a major bonus point!) but you’ll help beat the algorithms and get pushed higher into potential consumers’ news feeds, broadening your reach.

  1. Enlist the help of an expert

Once your social media marketing starts to gain some footing, it may be time to invest in an expert – after all, every business has a lot of moving parts, so at some point it’s always worth handing the baton to someone who really knows how to throw it.

This expert can take many forms – consultant, in-house strategist, or social media marketing agency. Whoever you choose, just be sure that have experience reaching the goals you hope to achieve, such as growing followings or executing targeted campaigns.


Creating a social media marketing strategy takes some time, but there are some tricks and tools that can make the task a little easier. Follow the guidelines below, and you’ll see your online presence booming in no time.

  • Note your company’s demographic and focus on social media platforms that compliment that
  • Find a management system that will help you post and engage with your followers
  • Create a more personal community on all of your channels
  • Enlist the help of an expert to improve strategies and create campaigns
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