Month: February 2018

Should you use a VPN for torrenting?

  Torrenting is very popular right now as it allows you to access various files from other people that already have them. The peer to peer system used by torrents makes it very easy for you to upload and download content as you see fit. But torrenting is also used for pirating content, and this is why most of the… Read more →

How to Begin the Due Diligence Process with Less Stress

  While the due diligence process has proven to have its fair share of difficulties from deal delays to insufficient client support, investing some time into finding the right virtual data room provider can make an enormous difference in the experience. Before beginning the process, there are some points to keep in mind about what a Virtual Data Room due… Read more →

3 Big Education Innovations for 2018

  Innovation is reaching new heights and so is education. Innovation and education are closely associated with each other. Experts and innovators in the education sector are hoping that 2018 will be a big year for education.   Augmented Reality for Education What is AR? AR adds digital elements to a live view often by utilizing a camera on a… Read more →