Battle against your bulge: David Michigan on online personal training


A random google search using the terms ‘obesity silent killer’ throws up an astounding 364,000 results, understandably so, given the magnitude of the problem. As of 2015, it was estimated that there were 2.2 billion people who were either obese of overweight- over a third of the global population- costing 4 million lives ever year. To put that figure in perspective, that is over a hundred times the number of lives lost to terrorism each year.


It is a well-known fact that obesity is known to cause a wide range of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression and even cancer. If you are one out of the 2 billion men and women across the globe who are either overweight or obese, the good news is that a few minor tweaks to your diet and a regular exercise regimen can help you reverse the tide.


In this context, it is very important to keep in mind the fact that the vast majority of us do not have adequate knowledge to implement the right diet or exercise regime. In addition, most of the information available online is unreliable, since requirements vary from person to person. Therefore, the best approach if you want to win the battle against your bulge is to find yourself a fitness trainer.


Admittedly, not all of us can avail the services of a personal trainer. The constraints of time and money apart, those living outside major cities may have to confront the problem of non-availability of trainers locally. However, coming to the rescue of such people is the power of the internet. Experts like David Michigan, for example, are now accessible online.


A life and fitness coach with a passion to help others, David Michigan is a health expert who has columns in Muscle & Fitness, Forbes, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, among a host of reputed publications. With more than 5 million followers online, he is also a life coach, motivational speaker, international model and actor. In addition, he is also a mental health coach who helps people overcome psychological issues like depression.


Modern day health experts like Mr. Michigan take a holistic approach to fitness, emphasising the importance of physical as well as mental health, both of which are interconnected if recent scientific findings are to be believed. With that in mind, such a well-rounded approach to health and wellness is necessary.


The major question that comes to mind is whether an online personal trainer would be as effective as a traditional personal trainer, who is physically present. Admittedly, an online trainer has certain limitations vis-à-vis a traditional trainer. For one, he or she cannot see you perform the exercises and correct technical flaws. Moreover, the online trainer cannot possibly drive you on, unlike the instructor in a fitness centre who can motivate you to push yourself.


Nevertheless, experts are of the view that online training can be an effective alternative to traditional methods, it ultimately depends on the willpower and self-discipline of the individual.

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