Fighting Stress for the Work-Life Balance

Work is a part of human life that has fast taken the centrestage. Driven by passion and commitment, men and women toil hard to earn a livelihood, or in some cases, to try and leave a legacy behind. But with processed food primarily overpowering or lives, and modern luxuries acting as conductors to our work-focused monotonic lifestyles; stress and anxiety are more prevalent today than ever, and this scenario is set to further amplify over time. So what can actually help build the fortress against its world dominating effects? The answer is here:

1. An Organic Diet

A majority share of our food intake is claimed by chemicals and synthetic foods. Fruits and vegetables are now grown as hybrids as they are seldom sought raw by consumers. Ready-made, clean, and easily available food have replaced our natural instincts for food available naturally. Organic food, however much automatically available in nature, has, in fact, sprouted an industry of its own. Organic food isn’t a part of our staple diet, thus creating an imbalance in our dietary habits. What once was a given, is now a luxury.

It’s no secret, hence, that going back to instincts and incorporating as much organic food into daily diet as one might can, is actually a positive step towards prepping the conscious mind and the body against stress.

2. Minimal living

Originally, our species was nomadic in nature. Fast forward to the modern lifestyle, and we have started believing in the philosophy of ownership. Buying new material things and turning old ones redundant; yet, collecting the clutter just for the sake of it.

The concept of minimalism bucks this trend.

We all know what we need or use on a daily basis, and can also identify the things that we rarely use. Mental health is dependent on our surroundings and external factors can greatly influence our state of peace. To minimise stress and balance out our mental rejuvenation, one can focus on minimal living that transcends across our home, work desk, even phones, and every other aspect of daily life.

3. Essential Weekend Retreats

Staying busy in 9 to 5 desk jobs, working late, reaching home, preparing for the next day at work, sleep, get up, repeat – the life of most working professionals basically revisits the same trajectory every week. Stress builds up over time as the mind and the body gradually adapt to this lifestyle and only seek rest, rather than complete relief. That occasional check-in at a restaurant is hardly an occasion for relaxation.

This is also the reason why travelling and weekend retreats have handsomely shaped up to be great alternatives for our modern sedentary lifestyle. Whether it be a relaxing weekend stay at a near-by hill station or visiting ayahuasca retreats to rekindle the soul, weekends and vacations should actually be focused on relieving and reenergising the brain, thus complimenting the work-life balance.

With the advent of technology and the amplification of the philosophy of work acting as the most significant part of existence, it is tine for emphasis on the problem of stress, for however much its existence is denied, the reality is in the statistics.

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