Time Budgeting in the Student World

Access to todays technology leaves little to the imagination. Or maybe, there is so much to imagine, the possibilities are limitless and therefore, more structure is necessary. However, there is something else to consider when reflecting on this type of source to write academic research, but it does not start in high school

Think of it as reverse education. As a society, we are teaching our youth at the same time as our adults. That means, when someone is struggling, or not, at the age of 55 at the introduction of a new educational tool, kids at the ages of 3, 4, 5 and all the way through college and university are also using these same tools. Yet, there are factors that we rarely associate with kids and education, that are constantly affiliated with adults. Time budgets.

As adults, we are frequently set to time budgets of either our employers, our families or plans with friends. Children also have these time budgets; however, they are taught how to manage these times with greater ease than the older generation, and older students are no different. Although they may be self taught or taken the time to incorporate electronic devices into their workspace, adults have had a different experience with respect to time management in a digital age.

Student and time budgeting

Students in college and university, regardless of age, are in a different element when it comes to learning to time manage, and there is plenty of evidence to support how detrimental this can be. Some students have been able to limit their personal access to social media. Others have been able to separate it, or use it as a goal for when they are completed work. After they are done, they login and touch base.

Students, for the most part, have yet to face the reality of their online worlds. Yes, they face, or use social media daily, or so frequently that it can be reflected as a distraction, but what happens when they enter the work force, and suddenly are expected to be available at any time at any moment.

This time actually begins in college or university when a TA makes themselves readily available for tips and tricks to students particularly for essay writing. Ask any TA for a class, college or university, and there is always at least one (sometimes 15), last minute questions. “What was the question?”, “Do we need to have examples?”, or the best yet “Can I have an extension. I was sick most of the semester.”

While many of these questions may be completely honest, the fundamental of each is lost on the question poser: your TA is available. At every moment, for any question. Whenever you need.

This fundamental basic, should be reflected on students in the digital technological age because as much as they rely on a TA to answer their question at 2 am the day before an assignment is due, their own bosses will have those same expectations on them when they too enter the work force.

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