One of Tertiary Education’s Biggest Problems: Many students are now paying for essays instead of writing it themselves

Writing is a challenging task for many students. Yet as the primary means through which one can express their thinking and intellect, the skill remains an essential part of many subjects in school. Writing essays is a task assigned to higher education students on a daily basis. But as students strive to maintain a balance between school, work and a social life under tight deadlines, resorting to the services of ghostwriters to complete their assignments becomes increasingly appealing especially with the rise of their accessibility online. Essay mills have in the recent years turned into a perennial feature in the educational landscape around the world. 

A quick search on Google saying “write my essay” will pull up endless websites of professional academic writing agencies with teams of professional and highly-qualified writers eager to write your essays and promising to deliver on time. These services offer different types of content from essays, research papers, and thesis. Each paper is priced based on its length, complexity, the amount of time given for it to be completed and sometimes the quality of the paper that the buyer wishes to receive. Customers of these services range from lazy students looking for an easy way out to smart students who simply don’t have the time to do their work. Requirements of assignments in higher education are oftentimes so difficult and complex for students to understand, and since the consequences of plagiarism are severe, with some schools expelling students for such forms of cheating, even students of prestigious universities rely on these essay writing agencies as a solution to meet their deadline.

Whilst anti-plagiarism technology has already been implemented in many universities to detect the copying of academic texts, catching students who purchase tailor-written essays to submit as their original work is a trickier task for examiners and markers. The most popular types of content bought from writing services are essays, research papers, and thesis. A huge chunk of the demand for custom-written papers come from foreign students who find it even more difficult to write and portray their ideas in their second language. Students with part-time jobs, older students who have families and those who are going through hard personal struggles also find these services immensely helpful.

According to some, the buying and selling of papers are simply a necessary response to underlying issues in the educational system. They argue that unlike plagiarism, having essays done by professional writers is not cheating. The papers are unique, well-researched and meet the requirements of standardized writing formats. Because essay mills can’t be simply shut down by legislation, these businesses don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. For as long as there is demand, they will remain profitable, and with tuition fees continuing to rise, students who cannot afford to fail will continue to rely on them as an easy, albeit sometimes pricey, solution.

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