Month: July 2017

Should College Application Writing be Taught in High School?

  The college application essay is a written statement written by a prospective student applying to a college or graduate school. The application essay is a common part of the university and college admissions process. For many students finishing their secondary education, the college application is the next step in their schooling career. With many students only learning the hard… Read more →

Violence in International Schools. What Can Be Done About It?

Unfortunately, people today are no strangers to violence in our schools. From fights between students to the use of crude weapons by one or more students against the faculty, such incidents have become more common as time goes by. American statistics reveal a worrying trend. In the United States alone there have been many incidents of shootings in schools ranging… Read more →

One of Tertiary Education’s Biggest Problems: Many students are now paying for essays instead of writing it themselves

Writing is a challenging task for many students. Yet as the primary means through which one can express their thinking and intellect, the skill remains an essential part of many subjects in school. Writing essays is a task assigned to higher education students on a daily basis. But as students strive to maintain a balance between school, work and a… Read more →