Building a Brand Through Quality Web Design

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, branding is an important aspect of your ecommerce business. It can facilitate a connection with your customers in ways that exceeds the physical features of your products or services. Branding is therefore a key component to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as it affects the way your customers interact with your business.

Brands set expectations, and when faced with uncertainty people tend to pick the safer option. People know what to expect from a brand they know. Therefore, it is important you are aware of the different factors that make up a brand.



The choice of colour can stimulate various emotions and carry with it subconscious associations, for example, the colour red may increase blood pressure and is usually a good colour choice for brands that want their customers to be passionate, energised and excited. Think about Coca Cola and their branding, they make sure to have red as a prominent colour and play ads about people having fun.



For your customers to associate your brand with certain messages, you need to work hard to make their experience memorable and consistent. For example, Sydney-based companies could use web design services Sydney to take care of all the branding across their websites and ensure a familiar aesthetic across all channels.


Value Proposition

This value proposition should be a short statement in a prominent location on your page, or incorporated into your logo. In a few words explain exactly what benefit your site provides to the visitor, so that they’ll know not only what your site is about, but why they should keep using it. You can do this subliminally like Amazon who have placed an arrow in their logo to signify that they stock everything from A-Z and have shaped the arrow to be a smile to communicate to the customer that they will always be happy with Amazon’s service.



Does your brand have character? Infusing your brand with a little personality can help you define what it stands for. Is the brand all about stability and safety or is it fun and down to earth? One way you can build character is through Anthropomorphism, which is the attribution of human qualities and characteristics to other things, like animals or objects.

Many people in commercialized societies use products and brands to define themselves, so shape your brand’s character towards something which your audience will like to associate themselves with.

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