Don’t Panic! How to Find the Best Specialist to Recover Lost Data

Whether your files were stored on your laptop, tablet, memory card, USB drive or your business server, losing them can be a nightmare. Along with wishing that you’d remembered to do that back-up you kept saying that you’d get around to, losing your data can be expensive and in some cases, it can put you right back at square one when it comes to the projects that you were working on. But, don’t worry – a data recovery specialist will be able to work their magic and (hopefully) get all your important files back. Here’s how to find the right one:

Ask for Recommendations:

When you send your computer, laptop or other gadget to a professional for a hard disk recovery, you need to know that you can trust them not to do any further damage. Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get anything back, it’s always good to know that you’ll at least get your device back in one piece.

Ask around for recommendations; chances are, somebody that you know has gotten in the same sticky situation before and knows somebody who can help.

Look at Reviews:

When you find a reputable data recovery company or professional, you’ll likely be taking a peek at their website and perhaps even getting in touch online. So, whilst you’re Googling different companies to consider, don’t forget to look at any trusted review sites where you can compare the experiences and opinions of past clients.

Bear in mind, however, that with this kind of service there are always going to be some ‘bad’ reviews; perhaps from a past client who was disappointed that their data truly was gone for good. The best thing to do is trust your gut; if something doesn’t feel right then look elsewhere.

Ask Questions:

Before you pick a data specialist to look at your gadget and try to retrieve the files from the hard disk, it’s good to know a few key things about them. Such as, how long they’ve been in the profession for and the kind of success rate that they have.

Asking questions to find this out will help you to better determine whether you’ve found the right person for the job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding experience, qualifications, or even complaints and failures – a true professional will always be forthcoming with this sort of information.

Weigh up the Price:

Yes, some of the data that you’ve lost could well be priceless in your eyes, but that doesn’t mean you should be breaking the bank to get it back. Before you hire a company or individual to try and recover your data, make sure that you’re not going to be paying above the odds.

Highly reputable companies like Technetics Data offer a ‘no data, no fee’ deal that means if nothing can be retrieved, there’s no need for you to pay. This is always the best type of company to choose as you know you’ll be getting the best value.

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