Tips for Marketing to Mobile-Oriented Customers

Marketing to customers using smartphones and tablets is not the same as marketing to customers using desktop computers. The mobile market has its own rules and appeal. So, if your business is aiming to capitalise on a rising demand from mobile using customers, here are several tips that might help:

Create an App

Smartphones are for apps. The best way to improve mobile customer engagement is to create an app for your business. You will have to seek out a really good app development company for the process. Creating an app nowadays is not awfully expensive. You should run a cost versus value estimation internally. In most cases, having a mobile app far outweighs the investment cost. Only in rare cases can a business not directly benefit from a mobile app. These cases usually refer to B2B models. If you run a B2C company, having a mobile app will be surely better than not having one.

Design a Speedy and Responsive Site

You may already have a website for your business. The issue here is whether your website can load fast and seamlessly on smaller screens. Having a highly mobile responsive website is crucial in today’s market. Do everything you can to increase the responsiveness of your site. Make sure the site is speedy as well, just like the desktop version of the site. Keep in mind that you will have to check functionality and speed separately on Android and iOS platforms. Do not bother with creating an “m.” site. Use one URL and make sure everyone can access it regardless of the device in use.

Getting in Touch via SMS

If you have a large mobile customer base, or at least a potential one, then you should be conducting an SMS campaign. SMS is a great way to become available to customers at all hours of the day. People rarely part with their phones. You will be able to market to customers whether they are at home, at work or on the way in a train. Of course, don’t bombard customers with messages. Learn how to best engage with them via SMS and market relentlessly to get the best out of this channel.

Gather Data on Optimal Times to Interact

When it comes to marketing to mobile-oriented customers, timing is key. There is a right time to send a promotional offer via SMS, and another right time to introduce a customer to a new product using an app. Find out how mobile customers use your site or app depending on the date and time of the day. Use this data to better interact with customers. Mobile channels are unprecedented in that it allows businesses to be in touch with customers on a remarkably intimate basis. So, use the data you find to fine-tune the SMS and app marketing campaigns with the aim of driving conversions.

Master Mobile Payments

The key to driving sales on mobile platforms is making the purchasing process as pain free as possible. Research and develop a great mobile payment method that your customers can get behind. There are different ways to pay using a smartphone. Offer as many options as possible to attract a large group of mobile customers. The more options there are to pay using phones, the more number of customers will be interested.

Use the above tips to benefit from the mobile market before the competition does.

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