What is an Add-on Domain?

Out of the many terms used in the hosting world, there are some whose meaning or implication is not as straightforward. This makes it difficult for those who have limited knowledge when it comes to web hosting technologies and systems, as well as the abundant features and extras that are designed to be used by the website owners.

Any cursory look into web hosting packages will quickly reveal how there is a plethora of terms and options that can easily be missed. For instance when we focus on domain names, you will see that under it, there are subdomain, parked domains, add-on domains and DNS zone editor. These are available among all hosting services, and might not even all be used by the typical website owner. Regardless, it is important to know about each one of them.

Addon Domain

This is basically a working domain name that can be linked to a hosting account through any intuitive control panel, egcPanel. The addon domain will basically let you create more hosting services or websites under the same domain, through your control panel. In other words, you can have various websites, emails and email forwarders with different domain names but all under one control panel. You do not incur any additional costs for having these multiple accounts.

How they work

Addon domains lack complexity and anyone can be able to set them up. The steps involved are creating a subdirectory within your main one, and this one will be purposed for the new addon domain. After this new domain is created, it will create 3 URL paths, which can be used for accessing the aforementioned subdirectory:

  • addondomain.primarydomain.com.au
  • primarydomain.com.au/addondomain
  • addondomain.com.au

This new directory can be populated with new files and applications for a new website. It will not affect the primary domain name in any way.

Any unique visitor to this addon domain will not know that it is one, as it is not evidenced in any way. Everything appears, and acts, like it is its own domain and website.

It is important to note that these addon domains share the resources available to your main domain. So if there are limits to your storage or bandwidth, know that they will be shared.

Essence of an Addon Domain

There are many reasons why a website owner would choose to use this domain. Mostly it is to express their creativity, as they can create many websites without having to sign for additional hosting services. This is essential for anyone with the goal of having more than one website with manageable traffic, which is not resource hungry enough to warrant its own hosting package. So not only do you get to have multiple websites, but also save on the costs as well.

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