Month: March 2017

How to Become a Digital Business

In this day and age of rapidly innovative technology, businesses just have to keep up. As customers get more and more used to doing things via their laptops and smartphones, they expect their providers to be similarly efficient. This means that businesses are having to become more digital to cater to these needs. What does it mean, however, to become… Read more →

Tips for Marketing to Mobile-Oriented Customers

Marketing to customers using smartphones and tablets is not the same as marketing to customers using desktop computers. The mobile market has its own rules and appeal. So, if your business is aiming to capitalise on a rising demand from mobile using customers, here are several tips that might help: Create an App Smartphones are for apps. The best way… Read more →

What is an Add-on Domain?

Out of the many terms used in the hosting world, there are some whose meaning or implication is not as straightforward. This makes it difficult for those who have limited knowledge when it comes to web hosting technologies and systems, as well as the abundant features and extras that are designed to be used by the website owners. Any cursory… Read more →