Crush the USMLE® Step 1 Exam: A Simple Guide

Anyone who wants to be a doctor or who has watched a few seasons of Gray’s Anatomy or Scrubs knows that getting through medical school is really only one step in the process to becoming a medical professional – internships, residency, and licensing exams are also three major stepping stones to achieving this goal. While all certainly have their challenges,… Read more →

Can Influencer Marketing Really Influence Your SEO In 2020?

With competition in the market increasing at an incredible level, businesses are constantly on their toes when it comes to formulating winning strategies with the top SEO agency professionals. And going by the main demands of clients of the best web design agency in town, you can easily say that influencer marketing seems to be enjoying a lot of attention lately. Influencer… Read more →

A New Study Finds Indonesia Facing a ‘Double Burden’ of Diseases

This latest study, most comprehensive ever conducted, provides critical insights as Indonesia gears up for universal health coverage next year Since 1995, Indonesia has made many advances in healthcare, helping to increase overall life expectancy by ten years and also lowering rates of many common infectious diseases like tuberculosis and diarrheal disease. But the country is now facing a new… Read more →

How to Choose the Right AWS Certification

There is no denying that we live in what will one day be known as the humble beginnings of the digital era. All it takes to realise that practically every aspect of life as we know it is shifting decidedly towards widespread, even global, digitalisation, is to look around in any given direction. This is especially true in the workforce.… Read more →

The Motorsport Industry Is the Epitome of Endurance

As far as sports go, it is fair to say that there is no sport in the world quite like motorsport. After all, this is the sport that has built a reputation over decades of being not only fast-paced, but entirely geared towards the ongoing innovation and advancement of an industry that is consistently beloved around the globe. Motorsport is… Read more →