How Perception Of Beauty Is Linked To Mental Health

The ecosystem of the global beauty industry is one that is paved with good intentions, but in the past it has also been heavily paved with the realisation that the sometimes-exclusive approach to beauty has resulted in many, many people struggling with their mental health. Yes, that’s right – believe it or not, mental health has often been linked to… Read more →

Can you be successful online?

You may be scrolling through endless websites, observing their success, however, not sure how to tap into the market and actually make an impact on the industry. Of course, you’re thinking that these hit websites have been online for years, slowly building up their brand and online image, but, in most cases, these online stores are no more than a… Read more →

The Complete Guide to Creating a Learning Path

To learn is to broaden the mind. A lot of young students are unhappy with the codified forms of education that have been popularized over time. For them, the introduction of Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs came as a boon in disguise. These courses do not impose any structural forms on students. They are free to learn what they… Read more →

How to Improve Cardiovascular Health

In the United States alone, around 610,000 people die every year from heart disease. Meaning one out of every four deaths is due to poor cardiovascular health, with these numbers, it ranks number one as the leading cause of death for most people. With more of us working at a desk and not exercising properly, it’s easy to understand why… Read more →

How to identify the perfect sales employee

It has been found that about 18% of companies use psychometric tests to hire people. Though the percentage is getting higher every year, people are yet to understand the importance of cognitive tests that enables us to find out the exact areas that are our strengths or weaknesses. The sales department can be very different from other sectors. This is… Read more →

Role Of Aptitude Tests In Recruitment

When recruiting individuals for specific positions, it can be a daunting task. Going through all the resumes, interviewing potential candidates and then hiring the right one isn’t an easy process. In fact, it can be overwhelming and at the end of the day, you’ll never know if you made the right decision or not until they’re trained and sitting at… Read more →